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Home Loans:finance

Provide funding or finance for purchases of First and subsequent homes and refinancing of existing debt. Purchase of Investment properties, whilst maximizing taxation benefits and utilizing the funds you have already paid off of your current debt, using debt recycling strategies.

Enhanced wealth creation, whilst enabling you to pay off your current debt, more quickly.

SMSF and Commercial Loans:

Funding sourced for the purchase of properties through a Self Managed Super Fund for either Residential or Commercial. Alternatively, funding by individuals or Companies, Trusts to purchase a Commercial Premises.

Enables options for business’ to purchase their own or new premises, as well as, properties for Investment for the longer term.

Reverse Mortgages:

Monies available from the house which you own, to be used for home and lifestyle enhancements, which does not have a regular payment.

These loans are extinguished by sale of the property or by the applicants estate.

*Only applicable to applicants aged 65 and above

Plant & Equipment Lending:

Funds for business expansion for purchase of equipment or machinery secured by that item.

Business’ pay for the item with cash flow, without the need for the item to be mortgaged against property. Terms available for payment over 1-5 years.