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Financial PlanningFinancial Planning


A tax effective savings vehicle for retirement. Provides for building up a lump sum whilst working, and then preferential income stream in retirement.

Investment strategies can be matched to your desired risk tolerance and provides peace of mind retirement planning. Can incorporate some insurances and the ability accept UK Super entitlements.

Retirement Income Streams:

Provides a tax preferred income in retirement, either by “Transition to Retirement” (available from age 55) or full retirement incorporating any Centrelink entitlements.

Optimisation of income from all possible sources to provide your desired life style in retirement, which may include travel and car replacement.

Investments and Savings:

Savings with a tax effective focus for building a lump sum of funds.

Enables fund to be used for purchase of a home, car, holiday or funding education expenses.

Aged Care Consultancy:

Assessment of entitlements for Government assistance and strategies for use of funds for accommodation bonds (if applicable).

Assistance with benefits as required for High or Low Care beneficiaries.

Provides for smooth transition into comfortable and appropriate assisted living.


Risk Protection

Income Protection:

Monthly replacement of income up to 75% of salary in the event of sickness or accident up to retirement. Do you have enough money saved to provide for your living expenses for at least three months?

If not we can help with a solution.


Pays a tax free lump sum, should you suffer from cancer, heart attack, stroke or a number of major illness.

Pays for treatment and related out of pocket expenses and / or discharge of debt.

Life Insurance:

Provides a Lump Sum in the event of your death. Provides for clearance of all debt and allow the continuation of your families current lifestyle.

Can be funded through Superannuation, for cost effectiveness.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance:

Provides a Lump Sum should you not be able to work ever again through either injury or illness. Enables debt clearance and a Lump Sum investment to provide up to 100% of salary replacement through to retirement and beyond.

General Insurance:

Protection cover for personal and business assets. Replaces items which are lost through fire, theft and malicious damage