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Q – Do I have enough money for a “comfortable” retirement?
A – Current income figure for a married couple to have a “comfortable” retirement is approximately $55,000 per year.

Q – Should I be considering a Transition to Retirement Strategy?
A – If you are over 55years of age and still working there are benefits to be obtained for both Wealth building and Taxation within this strategy prior to your retirement.

Q – Should I have a Self-Managed Super Fund?
A – It allows you to have control over the investments that go into your Super fund. You are able to purchase investments that would not generally be available in your current fund.

Q – Do I have the appropriate levels of insurances for my current circumstances?
A – A thorough review of your personal situation will reveal the level of Life-cover, Total & Permanent Disability cover, Income Protection and Trauma Cover that you need.

Q – Do I need a Will?
A – Yes- because irrespective of your age and circumstances you would desire  to pass on your assets and possessions to your loved ones.

Q – How will I fund my entrance into a Retirement Home?
A – Depending on your ACAT Assessment and Financial position you may be required to pay either a Lump Sum or a percentage of Centrelink entitlement for access to a Retirement home.



Q Should I fix the interest rate on my loan right now?
A – Given that current interest rates are the lowest in decades a full review of the appropriateness of Fixed Rates would be advantageous. Fixed Rates will assure you certainty for a period of time as well as provide budgetary security.

Q. Is there a better lender than you currently have in place?
A –  With the advent of Debt Recycling and new competitive entrants into the banking industry it is worth reviewing your lending provider and debt reduction strategy.

Q – Should I consider a Reverse Mortgage?
A – Many retirees’ greatest asset is their home but struggle with day to day living expenses eroding their financial security. These facilities enable you to gain access to either a lump sum or regular income drawn from the equity of your home without the need for a monthly repayment.

Q – Can I “borrow to invest” within my Self-Managed Super Fund?
A – Recent changes to tax law allows you to purchase an Investment property or shares within your fund. 



Q – Is there any entitlement from my super after being involved in an accident?
A – Depending on the severity of the injury and the length of time since you’ve last worked, you may be entitled to either a back payment of lost income in a lump sum.




Q – Is there anything else I need to consider?
A – Depending on your circumstances you may require such items as an Enduring Power of Attorney ( for Financial affairs), Medical and Guardianship Powers of Attorney.